CBT-I Treatment

CBT-I Treatment in Dallas, TX, any of Texas, or California

A Comprehensive Solution for Restless Nights & poor quality sleep

This CBT-I treatment is designed to produce long-term results by targeting the underlying causes of insomnia. CBT-I for insomnia consists of changing behaviors and thoughts that interfere with sleep and replacing them with sometimes counterintuitive strategies that get the sleep you need.

CBT-I & CBT PSYCHOTHERAPY specializes in the cognitive behavioral treatment of insomnia (CBT-I treatment). While for years CBT-I for insomnia has been acknowledged as providing deeper sleep and better long term results than medicines for sleep (OTC or prescribed), more and more it is seen as the treatment to try before medicine and often before treatment for co-occurring depression or anxiety. For uncomplicated insomnia, treatment is typically fewer than 10 sessions.

Every person with sleep struggles is unique, and cookie cutter approaches do not work… At CBT-I & CBT PSYCHOTHERAPY, the CBT for insomnia treatment is adapted to your unique situation and experience to give you the best results. You will leave therapy, and you will have the skills to maintain your progress and manage any risk of insomnia in the future.

Michele Rose, LCSW has been Practicing CBT-I for insomnia over 10 years, has experience leading CBT-I in groups and with individuals, is also a specialist in CBT for anxiety and depression (In cases of suicidal thoughts with a plan, that becomes the first target of care), and handles all sessions online. Michele also was pivotal in creating a workbook for the group treatment of insomnia for a large health plan. If you are struggling with Insomnia in Dallas, TX, any of Texas, or California, reach out today to learn more.

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