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  • Initial assessment appointment: $250 
  • Individual psychotherapy sessions are $250 per session.
  • PPO, out-of-network insurance accepted
  • PPO insurance using their out-of-network benefit is typically used by patients to pay for treatment, and you can expect that a substantial portion of the fees for treatment sessions are reimbursed by roughly 50-80%. (See additional detail below).

  • Fees are paid directly to CBT-I & CBT PSYCHOTHERAPY at the time of service.
  • Superbills for PPO insurance reimbursement for your treatment are generated and sent to you monthly.
  • CBT-I & CBT PSYCHOTHERAPY offers a service to automate the submission of your PPO insurance superbill claims. This service directly credits the payment to the method used to pay your psychotherapy fee.
  • Because CBT treatment is quite specialized for many of the areas treated at CBT-I & CBT PSYCHOTHERAPY, and the care may not be available in-network, occasionally an insurance plan will make a “single case agreement” to assist with the fee, however, such agreements are often complex to make.
  • On the occasions that an unlicensed therapist is supervised and trained by CBT-I & CBT PSYCHOTHERAPY, the fees will generally be lower.

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