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Length of treatment

 While the timeline for CBT Psychotherapy varies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is generally shorter than other types of psychotherapy for a similar presenting problem.  CBT is considered a brief form of psychotherapy.  While some clients choose to continue after their sessions after their main concern is addressed, most feel confident to end psychotherapy after they know how to maintain their progress on their own. 


The treatment of social Anxiety usually also includes ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention), gradually participating in social cases of increasing difficulty to experiment with your expectations, and learning to feel the fear and stay social anyway. Sometimes, too, you may need to build confidence in your social skills and confidence in yourself as well. A great deal of progress will usually occur in the first 12 sessions, although you may decide to continue longer to work on related issues such as social skills, decreasing reassurance seeking, dating and meeting like-minded people, or assertiveness at work.

Treatment will conclude when you feel a degree of social ease and enjoy social interactions.  You will build self-confidence, social support, and friendsalong the way.





OCD, Including health anxiety and emetophobia

AGORAPHOBIA related to anxiety, social anxiety or fear of a panic attack

Discussions about the length of treatment are ongoing, and a written estimate of the length of care can be provided upon request. This is your right under the “No Surprises Act.”

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