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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is possibly the most active and collaborative form of psychotherapy practiced today. For the concerns CBT-I & CBT Psychotherapy specializes in, it is also recognized as the best or most effective type of treatment. CBT is highly effective and tends to be shorter-term than other types of psychotherapy. CBT involves written exercises, hierarchies, and goals. The Telehealth format is preferred for these in-session exercises.  In CBT sessions,  practice at home is reviewed at the start of a session, and feedback is encouraged to adjust goals and skills as needed.  When ready to taper down the frequency of sessions, you will feel prepared and empowered to know how to continue growing related skills independently or if and when a “tune-up” is needed.

CBT-I & CBT PSYCHOTHERAPY uses Evidence-Based treatments.  

The Gold Standard treatment for phobias and OCD, ERP (exposure and response prevention), is used most often when treating anxiety. She will usually use elements of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to facilitate generalizing symptom improvement and to prepare the client to manage new challenges that could arise. While less studied, there is promising research on the use of Inference-Based Therapy (I-CBT) to support the treatment of OCD, and it can be used when clients prefer or are unable to participate in ERP or the RP (Response Prevention) treatment. It is increasingly being incorporated into the exposure-based primary treatment approach. Michele has specialized training in providing CBT-I for Insomnia and traditional CBT Cognitive and Behavioral strategies (Thought logs, core belief exploration, healthier behaviors) to manage worry and depressive ruminations.  Michele also enjoys coaching and modeling assertive communication and mindful eating strategies when appropriate and using daily mindfulness practices as support to manage stress.

During a consultation or intake appointment, if another form of psychotherapy may be a better option for you (such as EMDR for complex trauma), this will be presented and discussed. 

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